Oasis For Others

I Want Oasis for Myself -- & I Want to Teach it to Others

I know that I want Oasis for myself – to make my own life more joyful and more impactful. But I don’t want to stop there.

I am interested in bringing Oasis to others in my personal, professional, and worldwide


We want to help you do this!

Oasis currently has two main Training Paths that you may choose in order to bring Oasis to others:

  1. Training to become an Authorized Oasis Trainer

  2. Training to become a Certified Master Oasis Trainer

Path 1: What do you need to do to become an Authorized Oasis Trainer?

  • Familiarize yourself with Oasis – attend an event, read an Oasis book, talk with an Oasis Trainer – to see if it is a path that you want to walk for yourself, and to bring to others

  • Complete your application: state your reasons for wanting to do the Training, your background, your desires for sharing it

Upon preliminary acceptance into the Training by the Oasis Organization, you will receive complete details about the structure/content/requirements of the Training, and schedule of upcoming Trainings


What do you get?

  1. A practice to bring peace, clarity of purpose and intention into the world right now

  2. In-depth experience of the core Oasis Philosophy and the 4 Key Strategies

  3. Tools to effectively embody Oasis for yourself and to deliver Oasis to others

  4. Personalized Training and mentoring by the Oasis Team

  5. Development of strategies and skills for presenting Oasis

  6. Professional CCE and CCEU credits

  7. Discount on Oasis products with permission to sell them to others at retail price

  8. Practical Plans for expanding your income through Oasis

  9. Access to special Oasis packages and merchandise

What are the additional benefits of Training?

  1. Recognition throughout the world and on the Oasis website as an Authorized Oasis Trainer

  2. Permission to use the Authorized Oasis Trainer logo and  Oasis graphics

  3. Membership in the worldwide Oasis Community

  4. Invitation to participate in Quarterly Oasis Learning Connection

  5. Authorization to share Oasis in two ways: Take Oasis, make it your own, and go! Use Oasis and teach it in your unique way to groups that you wish, offer it free or for a charge. You may buy the Oasis products at a discount to give as gifts/door prizes/incentives, or sell at retail price

  6. Opportunity to partner with the Oasis Organization for a fee to receive additional support and specialized materials to increase your outreach and your income.  The Oasis Organization will provide you with plug &play workshops, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, marketing materials, and other specialized merchandise/products that you may choose to co-brand with us – put your own name/company on along with the Oasis™ logo

Path 2: Certified Master Oasis Trainer

How may I qualify to apply to become a Certified Master Oasis Trainer?

  1. Be a graduate of the Authorized Oasis Trainer Program

  2. Personally master the core philosophy, strategies, and neuroscience of Oasis in the Overwhelm

  3. Use the Oasis Strategies in your personal and professional life

  4. Demonstrate the ability to convey this knowledge to others with clarity and confidence

  5. Commit yourself to the intention to use your unique abilities to bring Oasis in the Overwhelm to many diverse groups in the world

What do I receive in the CMOT Training?

  1. Opportunity to intern with seasoned Oasis CMOTs throughout an entire AOT Training

  2. Heightened personal and group experience of the Oasis philosophy, strategies and neuroscience research

  3. Detailed instruction in how to facilitate, present, and deliver a complete OASIS Authorized Oasis Trainer (AOT) training

  4. Strategies for attracting Trainees to serve the dual purpose of doing good and  increasing your income

  5. Step-by-Step Training Manual and Training Materials that will enable you to conduct your own Trainings for Authorized Oasis Trainers

What do I get upon completion of the Certified Master Oasis Training?

Upon your successful completion of the Requirements, Millie Grenough, originator and owner of Oasis in the Overwhelm™, and the Oasis Organization, pledge to offer you the following:

  1. Recognition as a Certified Master Oasis Trainer

  2. Permission to use the Certified Master Oasis Trainer logo, and information about Oasis on your business cards, flyers, websites, and other media usage

  3. Authority to conduct Oasis Training Programs in your own right, either as an individual or with another Certified Master Oasis Trainer, following the guidelines established in the Training Manual

  4. Permission to use the materials developed by Millie Grenough and the Oasis Organization for the Oasis Training Program.

  5. A discount on all Oasis products. You may resell these at retail prices

  6. Heightened status in the Oasis Community: recognized as Certified Master Oasis Trainers by Millie Grenough, originator of Oasis in the Overwhelm™, and the Oasis Organization

  7. Ongoing encouragement and support

  8. Participation in Quarterly Oasis Community Meetings

  9. Photo, biography, and your website in the Oasis website

  10. Announcement of your trainings and Oasis Events in the Oasis website

“An excellent guide for Type A people like me who want quick and practical methods to manage stress. They really work!”  


- Brad Aldrich, President National Society of Professional Engineers

Oasis In The Overwhelm™

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