Learn the Oasis Strategies

There are two main paths to learning Oasis.  


1. If you are interested in learning these strategies to de-stress your life, improve your focus, and elevate your energy, click I Want Oasis for myself below.

2. If you want to bring Oasis to your company or community or if you want to use Oasis workshops as an additional revenue stream for your business, click I Want Oasis for Others.

More About Oasis

Check the Oasis calendar and find out where there is an Oasis training, workshop or retreat near you!  Not finding what you need?  Call us at 203-982-9251 or e us at renee@oasisintheoverwhelm.com and we’ll help you find the right program at a time that works for you.

“An excellent guide for Type A people like me who want quick and practical methods to manage stress. They really work!”  


- Brad Aldrich, President National Society of Professional Engineers

Oasis In The Overwhelm™

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